Friday, July 3, 2009

Sri Lankan Online Shopping Guide

The online shopping is becoming much more popular in Sri Lanka due to vast usage of credit cards and affordable Internet connections. This article will give a guide on best online shopping web site for Sri Lankan Community.

Keels Super

Keells SuperThis is said to be the first online super market in Sri Lanka. Keels Super is handled by the one of the Keels Super markets, one of the best super market chains in Sri Lanka. Items in Keels Super is cheaper and covers vast area. Payment process is very secure. User has the option to get a free delivery or keep the products ready at your favourite Keels Super out let. Even those who living out side can order and send items as gifts using Keels Super.

Lost of items from grocery, bakery, frozen foods, house hold items, cosmetics etc.
Very reliable.
Low price.

You can not use your Nexus card when you buy online.

Singer Shpopping

Singer ShoppingThis web site is also one of the pioneers in online shopping websites. This website has most of the items that is available on Singer Mega. Mostly electrical, electronic, house hold items and furniture.

You can take part in auctions.

Items doesn't seem to be cheep.

BuyAbans.comThis is Singer's revial web site. Much nice design opposed lousy design of Singer. Lots of electrical/electronic/house hold items available.

Varity of items. (Electrical/electronice/house hold/apparals/motobikes/bathroom fittings etc.)

Dialog iBuy

Dialog iBuyOne of the new comers to the arena of online shoping websites. But this web site do have innovative concept. This website provides different vendors. So user can buy items from different vendor but use same shopping cart and payment methods. This website is still evolving with more and more vendors getting there items on it. This site also offers varity of items and has the reliability of Dialog. Plus very neatly designed shopping service.

Quick delivery
More payments methods

Still lesser number of items

ODELLot of fancy items including cloths, footwear, sports ware etc. Nicely designed website and damn expensive products.

Best for high fashion shpopers

Items are very expensive


  1. Thanks, man. This is a very useful post

  2. This is great.I hope more well known and trusted Sri Lankan businesses join in. I had a bad experience doing online shopping recently with 'Lanka Foods'where they debited my account and confirmed deivery and didn't actually deliver the goods until I found out 2 1/2 weeks later. So it is comforting to see some of the more stable and promient businesses offering online shopping, so that people like us who live overseas could send gifts to Sri Lanka without worrying about being tricked.

  3. I have no experience with 'Lanka Foods' but this delay may have been due to the payment gateway that they are using. Some time ago most of Sri Lankan credit card payment gatways had lot of delaying issue. These issues has killed some online shopping website. :-(