Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Somethings to concider before applying for foreign degree

I saw following Public Notice from the University Grants Commission on Sunday Observer (01/03/2009 Page: 49),
The Public is hereby informed that the University Grants Commission recognizes foreign Universities / Higher Educational Institutes that are listed in the following International Publications which are authentic sources of information on Universities and Higher Educational Institutes in different countries, are recognized at present:
  1. Commonwealth Universities Yearbook (Published by Association of Commonwealth Universities)
  2. International Handbook of Universities (Published by International Association of Universities)
It is repsonsibility of the general public to verify from the above sources or the University Grants Commission the recognition of Universities / Higher Educational Institutes before registration for a degree awarded by a foreign University / Higher Education.
With lot of scammers like Sakwithi Ransinghe, Seagul etc. You better check the foreign degree awarding institute before paying thousands of ruppies to them.
Good online resources are,
Yes, It is a good idea to check the world rank of the university also. ;-)

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  1. Thx. for the info.
    But it is on UGC website: http://www.ugc.ac.lk/notice/recognition-of-foriegn-unniversities.html